Ambient/Orchestral/Videogame music composer. I mainly use Newgrounds as an archive of all my personal projects, but i do post updates about what i am working on. If you have a project you want custom music for i am always open for commissions.

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AvapXia's News

Posted by AvapXia - September 24th, 2017


I've started posting my music on my youtube channel, and i may be doing some other stuff on there as well. I'm not sure what i'll be doing, so if you have any suggestions, i'd love to here them. For now that's all there really is. I have put everything up all the way back to 'The Midnight Woods.'

Dreams EP:

I am working on some songs similar to 'Summer Nights' and 'Clear Skies' that i will put in an album later on this year. For now, you will probably see some halloween stuff, and some other projects going up over the next couple months but i will make another post when i release the album. (Don't worry, it's free)

School + Band + Stuff:

With school, band, and other stuff like getting a job, i won't be posting as frequently as i was during the summer (mainly August). On the other hand, i'm spending more time on music than ever before, and spending less money on games as a result. My main goal is to post more than last year, more than 1 song a month, and so far i've surpassed that goal.

New Toys :)

I got an AKAI MPK Mini for my birthday. It's pretty cool. It also came with some sick synths i've been playing around with (Hybrid 3 and Wobble). Any other recommendations for MIDI controllers or other music toys?

Anyways, thats a little snapshot into my life right now, have a nice day :)

Posted by AvapXia - July 21st, 2017


Adventures EP is out right now!!!

Finally, after about a year of posting music, i've released my first album on bandcamp.com. It contains everything i've worked on since last year in September. It explores many different syles, including ambient, chiptune, and electronic. So if you want to download any of my music you can see on this page or on my soundcloud, then head on over to bandcamp and pay what you want for it.

In other news, i will be taking a hiatus during august for marching band and the start of the school year, after that i will be posting regularly again.

Finally, i hope you have all had a great summer, and year, and i wish you luck in all of your endeavors. have a great day. 


Posted by AvapXia - July 8th, 2017



Posted by AvapXia - May 28th, 2017

Wow... haven't done one of these in a long time...

Anyway, school is out in about a week, and that means a lot more free time until August (for the most part). And while that means i have a lot more time to make music, i can't promise anything, because i am a lazy ass. I do, however, have some stuff i am starting, but i won't be making much progress this week because of finals...


In very old news, Radio silence was front paged earlier this year, and i'm really proud of it. Not only because i think it has the best percussion out of all of my songs, but because i'm not that popular, and having a song frontpaged is awesome. 


Also, i have begun assembling and album. It will be released on bandcamp, probably google play music, and maybe on itunes (if i can get that done). Adventures will contain songs all the way from The Midnight Woods to my most recent song, A Sad Adventure. It also may contain songs that haven't been made yet. I hope to have it done, sometime over the summer, preferably before the end of june, but a specific release date has not been set as of today.

Newgrounds: avapxia.newgrounds.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/avapxia
Thanks for stickin' around!


Posted by AvapXia - September 4th, 2016

I decided to make a new account because i had an extra email and i decided this is a good website to just have all my music archived, wether or not its good for getting noticed.