Ambient/Orchestral/Videogame music composer. I mainly use Newgrounds as an archive of all my personal projects, but i do post updates about what i am working on. If you have a project you want custom music for i am always open for commissions.

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summer lofi

This summer I experimented with some new genres, and lofi was by far my favorite to work on. It's a genre I've always wanted to write in but until recently hadn't been able to really figure out. I'm really happy with how these songs turned out, and I look forward to writing similar stuff in the future. You can find summer lofi on my bandcamp, and on streaming services sometime this week. I hope you enjoy :)

Also, one of the songs on this album, "it's perfect weather for a trip to the café, don't you think?" was frontpaged here on newgrounds! I was totally stoked when I found out (it's only my 2nd one), and now the song is easily my most viewed track on newgrounds, thank you for the support! I also submitted the song for ngadm, but I had to drop out after round 1 because school and work was too much :(

While making this EP i recorded a lot of samples. there are some old ones made with glass jars, I did a session where I recorded a bunch of school supplies and noises with them, some chord progressions, and other unused stuff. I might put these on my patreon for download if anyone is interested, but there isn't really a use for that page right now to be honest.

Unfortunately now that I'm back in the swing of things with school I won't be doing electronic projects as much, I will try to post relevant stuff here and on my soundcloud, but it will most likely be more orchestral. In terms of electronic projects I want to work on "XIX - The Sun" but I have no idea when I will next have the time to.

I hope you all enjoy the last couple weeks of summer, hopefully the nice fall weather comes in fast!