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AvapXia's News

Posted by AvapXia - September 13th, 2022


summer lofi

This summer I experimented with some new genres, and lofi was by far my favorite to work on. It's a genre I've always wanted to write in but until recently hadn't been able to really figure out. I'm really happy with how these songs turned out, and I look forward to writing similar stuff in the future. You can find summer lofi on my bandcamp, and on streaming services sometime this week. I hope you enjoy :)

Also, one of the songs on this album, "it's perfect weather for a trip to the café, don't you think?" was frontpaged here on newgrounds! I was totally stoked when I found out (it's only my 2nd one), and now the song is easily my most viewed track on newgrounds, thank you for the support! I also submitted the song for ngadm, but I had to drop out after round 1 because school and work was too much :(

While making this EP i recorded a lot of samples. there are some old ones made with glass jars, I did a session where I recorded a bunch of school supplies and noises with them, some chord progressions, and other unused stuff. I might put these on my patreon for download if anyone is interested, but there isn't really a use for that page right now to be honest.

Unfortunately now that I'm back in the swing of things with school I won't be doing electronic projects as much, I will try to post relevant stuff here and on my soundcloud, but it will most likely be more orchestral. In terms of electronic projects I want to work on "XIX - The Sun" but I have no idea when I will next have the time to.

I hope you all enjoy the last couple weeks of summer, hopefully the nice fall weather comes in fast!


Posted by AvapXia - November 6th, 2021


"A Jazz-bit Story 2" is a sequel to my 2018 album "A Jazz-bit Story." This one is a bit less story oriented and is more about the music, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless! check it out now for pay-what-you-want on bandcamp, or in about a week on Spotify and other major streaming platforms. If you want to presave this album on Spotify click This.

Other Updates:

Astral and this album were my 2 main music projects going back since before the pandemic, and now that I'm writing more for school there probably won't be any big releases for a while. When I do write electronic stuff I will post it individually on here, soundcloud, or my patreon depending on what it is. I have no idea what i'm gonna do next, I may do some more stuff related to Astral, but as for the next big project I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Happy Holidays Everyone, and I hope you enjoy the jazz!



Posted by AvapXia - July 13th, 2021


Astral is out on Bandcamp and will be out on streaming platforms within the week, go check it out! I've been working on these songs since the pandemic started, and I learned a lot of things on the way. As you can see on the cover, this album has some similarities to my first ever album, Adventures, and it's very story oriented and less about my own personal life. A lot of these songs use samples I gathered from various objects in my room as well as from my practice sessions on marimba, piano, and drumset. "The Artist" also features birds from outside my window the morning I began working on the song. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy, this has been a long time coming and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Have A Great July!



Posted by AvapXia - March 27th, 2020



After a lot of procrastinating it is finally done, Clueless is out on Bandcamp and will be available on other platforms within a week or so. This album has a compilation of songs i worked on over 2019, all of which were written during a time where i was coming to terms with becoming an adult and all of the unique challenges i now have to overcome. It's free (or pay what you want) on bandcamp only, so go check it out!

Other News:

Feel free to make fun of me, because the hard drive to my computer is fried, and i did not think to put backups on anything at all. Unfortunately this means progress on a lot of things has either been severely impeded or entirely halted for good. Luckily most of the songs i have already written for "A Jazz Bit Story 2" are in a preview mode on bandcamp, which means i still have a way to get the WAV files when i release the album, but i lost all the project files, including the WIP songs that i had no backup of, which is kind of a bummer.

I definitely feel pretty stupid right now, but i am currently working on my mom's old computer i found in the closet while i save up for a new rig (my old one is completely toast now) but in light of recent events i may be in this situation for much longer than anticipated. Not sure what projects i am going to take on over 2020, but i haven't had a fresh reset since before i released "Adventures" almost 3 years ago, so i am excited to see what happens.

That's about all, See you soon



Please do not post anything related to the current global crisis ESPECIALLY advertisements to your business on Other people's pages and posts. I know times are tough and i am trying my best to help those in need and prevent the spread of the illness, but these posts are about other things and i have no way to check the validity of what people comment on here. It's very unprofessional to use other peoples platforms to promote yourself in any situation, especially one where people's lives are at risk, so i'm deleting all of these comments and banning people from posting on my page if i see any more of these more-than-likely-scams. Thank you for understanding, and stay safe.


Posted by AvapXia - January 24th, 2020

Wow, it's been a year since i last posted on here... My bad. Figured i ought to put something up for upcoming events and such, so here you go:



I released an album in November containing all the songs i made during the "Inktober but music" event which you can check out on bandcamp and many other music platforms. I had a super fun time making (almost) a song every day, and i even got to participate in the collab at the end of the month, which was even more fun.



This is going to be similar to Adventures in that it's more of a collection of all the work i've done over 2019. There are a couple more things i need to polish up before i release it, though, so keep an ear out if that's something you're interested in. There will be a few things on there that i never released on my usual platforms.

A Jazz-bit Story 2

This is a sort of background project I've been working on since the first album came out. The 8-bit music is a fun way for me to take breaks from my bigger projects, and i think I've improved a lot since last time around. There are a few of these songs up already but i have quite a bit more that probably wont be posted till the release.

I'll definetely try to update this page more than once this year, but nobody ever reads these things anyway so i guess it doesn't matter too much. At least my profile page will be up to date. Happy 2020!


Posted by AvapXia - January 6th, 2019

Imaginary EP:

This album is a long time coming, it was supposed to be done over the summer but obviously that didn't happen. Fortunately it is done right now! and you can listen to it here right now! or on most other platforms very soon.

Imaginary is an album about an imaginary world brought to life through music. All the songs represent locations on the child's map. Hope you guys enjoy!



Other Updates:

I'm currently working on a commission for the series Concluse.


If you want me to do a commission for you, email me at joshua.cole.ellis@gmail.com or pm me on my Instagram

Pricing is flexible based on the variety, complexity, and requirements of the music you request. I still maintain rights to the music i make for you, and will post it personally when your project is complete. Payments are done through my Paypal

My example work can be found on my Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Here!

That's it guys, Happy 2019 and heres to a new year filled with lots of great music!

Posted by AvapXia - September 8th, 2018


I've started work on the last song in the album, it should be out soon.

Posted by AvapXia - July 22nd, 2018

It's time for album #2!

Floating EP:


This album has 8 songs that I've made over the past year. They mainly have a focus on emotions, and are really personal compared to my other songs. Most of these songs have a direct correlation to a certain time of my life. This album is out right now on my bandcamp, and will show up on other platforms within a week.

I'm still working on this album, and i have all the songs planned out. Still no album art, i only have a rough sketch:
Pure art, right?

The album will be released sometime in September, most likely, but you can check out the songs i have so far on my Newgrounds or Soundcloud

Also follow me on my instagram

That's about it for now, ill post the album art for imaginary once i have it, other than that, enjoy the rest of your summer :)

Posted by AvapXia - June 2nd, 2018

This is the first update that will also be on my Patreon (which exists by the way) and the second update of this year (God i really need to update more)

anyway, lets get down to business with the THREE (3) Albums planned for this summer :)))) (Thats a lot!)

A Jazz-Bit Story EP

This is a concept album for a game that does not, nor will ever exist, but it's chalk full of 8-bit Jazz tunes and it’s OUT RIGHT NOW! which is like, Right now! So get hyped if you like jazzz

Floating EP:
This is an album i've started working on that's really focused on my emotional side, and what emotions go into me creating music. I made the music for myself, really, but i feel like it applies to a lot of other people, too. This one should be out over this summer or early fall, depending on how much i am able to work on it.


Imaginary EP:

This album, unfortunately, does not yet have album art (even though it's the one i've been working on for the longest), but it is another concept album based on an imaginary world i thought up in my head, which is cool. This is a completely different style because it's more about setting a scene rather than setting an emotion, so im excited to release an entire album of it!



What does that mean? i am using an online distributor, so pretty much any music streaming platform you use i will probably be on. The downside of this is that my newer stuff will actually cost money (not a downside for me!), but Adventures and Dreams will forever be free on my Bandcamp page, so at least there's that. My old albums (and A Jazz-bit Story) will all be released everywhere within a week (as music platforms review my submissions), so keep a look out for that stuff

Youtube! (again):

So remember last update when i said i was gonna update my youtube account? yeah... that didn't happen. Luckily for you guys all my releases should be on youtube music (because of that online distributor) so now i don't even have to do any work. Which is perfect, because i'm a lazy f-


Social media:

I have an instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avapxia_music/

I post on it sometimes.

I might get a twitter in the future??


That's all folks! Have a great summer, and keep a look out for all this stuff!


Posted by AvapXia - March 18th, 2018

Hey everyone, i figured i should make some sort of post since i haven't made one yet this year...

So heres what's going on:


I'm working on a series of songs that are supposed to be connected to a world that i have sort of developed in my head. Some of them are already out and others have yet to be made. I don't have an idea as to when it will be done, or when i'll decide to stop making songs in this theme, so i don't really have anything else to say about it besides to keep an eye open if you're interested.

I don't actually have any art for this yet (sorry), but you will definetly see some pretty stuff before it releases. :)

Another album?

Also, i will probably release another one around the same time as "Imaginary" with songs i've made since last september, but i'm undecided on theme so there will be more on it later. (I don't have art for this either)


You may have noticed that i've been doing some youtube stuff. You may have also noticed it's a bit out of date as of today, but im gonna update it over the next week with better quality videos and more up to date content. If you want to see the stuff that is already up (although it's the same stuff as this page) then check it out here

CHIPS Youtube

I'm also running another youtube for CHIPS compo, which has all the compo winners for each compo over the last few months. You should check that out as well. All the music on it is the best music CHIPS has had the privledge of seeing, made by a wide range of artists who participate in the compos every week.

Recent releases:

Here's some other stuff i've been doing lately


Cracks is a song in 5/4, made for the first round of an 8 round competition hosted by CHIPS compo. I won't know how it scored for about another hour, but i enjoyed making it and i think you would enjoy listening to it too. Fun fact: the lead is a violin and a saw wave (with some automation) playing simueltaniously. It has all the simplicity of a saw lead with the expressiveness of a violin. Maybe i'll make a post later about all the plugins i currently use???


Welp, i hope that was enough info to justify the 6 month wait since the last time i made one of these, lets hope the next update's a little closer.

Newgrounds: avapxia.newgrounds.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/avapxia
bandcamp: https://avapxiamusic.bandcamp.com/releases
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNcwHWO0Bmka05_WUyZEPA
Have a great day!