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Clueless Is Out Now!

Posted by AvapXia - March 27th, 2020



After a lot of procrastinating it is finally done, Clueless is out on Bandcamp and will be available on other platforms within a week or so. This album has a compilation of songs i worked on over 2019, all of which were written during a time where i was coming to terms with becoming an adult and all of the unique challenges i now have to overcome. It's free (or pay what you want) on bandcamp only, so go check it out!

Other News:

Feel free to make fun of me, because the hard drive to my computer is fried, and i did not think to put backups on anything at all. Unfortunately this means progress on a lot of things has either been severely impeded or entirely halted for good. Luckily most of the songs i have already written for "A Jazz Bit Story 2" are in a preview mode on bandcamp, which means i still have a way to get the WAV files when i release the album, but i lost all the project files, including the WIP songs that i had no backup of, which is kind of a bummer.

I definitely feel pretty stupid right now, but i am currently working on my mom's old computer i found in the closet while i save up for a new rig (my old one is completely toast now) but in light of recent events i may be in this situation for much longer than anticipated. Not sure what projects i am going to take on over 2020, but i haven't had a fresh reset since before i released "Adventures" almost 3 years ago, so i am excited to see what happens.

That's about all, See you soon



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