Summer Time! ;p

2017-05-28 20:58:01 by AvapXia

Wow... haven't done one of these in a long time...

Anyway, school is out in about a week, and that means a lot more free time until August (for the most part). And while that means i have a lot more time to make music, i can't promise anything, because i am a lazy ass. I do, however, have some stuff i am starting, but i won't be making much progress this week because of finals...


In very old news, Radio silence was front paged earlier this year, and i'm really proud of it. Not only because i think it has the best percussion out of all of my songs, but because i'm not that popular, and having a song frontpaged is awesome. 


Also, i have begun assembling and album. It will be released on bandcamp, probably google play music, and maybe on itunes (if i can get that done). Adventures will contain songs all the way from The Midnight Woods to my most recent song, A Sad Adventure. It also may contain songs that haven't been made yet. I hope to have it done, sometime over the summer, preferably before the end of june, but a specific release date has not been set as of today.

Thanks for stickin' around!


New Account!

2016-09-04 21:27:26 by AvapXia

I decided to make a new account because i had an extra email and i decided this is a good website to just have all my music archived, wether or not its good for getting noticed.