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Absolutely deserved your score this round, this is amazing!
Literally professional sound quality.

RealGares responds:

Thank you so much man :DDDD

Damn, those are some FAT chords.
Reminds me of your old stuff a bit too, which is nice

Happy Holidays :)

I really love the syncopation of the drums in this song. The huge variety of synths in this song is really fun. And oh man, 3:50... That was awesome!

Amazing Job :)

Happy new years!

Cursedsnake responds:

Thanks! you too

Time signature changes are fun, even though they suck in FL 12 (though they are integrating something of the sort in 20).

This is awesome. Love the hand percussion in the middle bits. Really adds some unique textures. this is definitely a banger for me

1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks man, this was like the one time I made something pumped up and big and I don't know if it'll ever happen again

So, uh, yeah. This is amazing.

Everytime i listen to this i forget the drop is coming and then it hits and im like “woah.” I mean the shear amount of emotion expressed in this piece is incredible. The instrumentation is beautiful and the melodies are amazing, and simple. Ill be humming to this one awhile ;)

I also wanted to praise the ending. The first time i heard it i was thinking “uh oh” because it sounded like you were doing a pickity third type of ending, but i was pleasently incorrect. A lot of pieces don’t know how to end (i have this problem a lot), and while fading out is okay, its not very original and sometimes is unfitting. This song’s ending is like a zelda ending, before it blissfully sneaks away, which perfectly fits the dream theme and the adventurey vibe i get from this.

TLDR: this is a good song :p

1f1n1ty responds:


I'm sure you meant "Picardy third", right? Because that's the name of the thing I did :P

I'm actually really surprised myself at how well the drops worked, every time I sit back and listen I tell myself, "I can't believe that that was me." I still can't. It feels like in that moment when I produced that drop I wasn't myself.


I love when the melody harmonizes. It's a great way to build up the song that you don't hear often

I can tell you used similar instruments and themes from "devils pact" but with a more electronic focus. I really enjoyed devils pact and i like seeing more exploration into the genre from you.

This song is not remotely afraid to try new things and explore other ideas and i love it :)

I really enjoyed the electro synth vibes you have goin on around 3 minutes in as well, it really adds emotional depth to a piece that would usually be focused around one thing.

i wish you good luck in the NGAUC final round!

the percussion is simply amazing!
everything is, really, but i really love the percussion. (im a percussionist, though...)
this is a great mix of mysteriousness, suspense, and adrenaline.
definitely a new favorite of your's.

Sounds alot like elevatia, but that's not a bad thing (that's one of my favorites).

i haven't actually heard the song this is based off of, but this makes me want to go find it.

Ambient/Orchestral/Videogame music composer. I mainly use Newgrounds as an archive of all my personal projects, but i do post updates about what i am working on. If you have a project you want custom music for i am always open for commissions.

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